Empire Strikes Back Alt Ending

This is a video game idea I’ve been kicking around for a while.  It has a lot going on and could be stretched out to a pretty long game which Star Wars games lack.  Lucasarts, I’m right here…

"No, I am your father."

In my version of the story this is the turning point in everything.  Instead of staying strong and falling down that crazy tube thing.   Vader goes on about how they could rule father and son.  Luke begins to ease into the idea.  This is father, he had longed to meet him, he is the missing puzzle piece in his life.  It would be leaving behind his new friends but he would be by his father’s side for the first time ever in his life and the thought is far too appealing.

He joins Vader and the Emperor, gets himself a fancy new hand.  Luke becomes a sith.  He has the anger, the angst, the hastiness.  The Empire takes their new weapon, Luke, and start taking planets one by one.  Everyone falls to Luke. 

Along the way you meet Luke’s former rebel friends. Trying to get Leia to join Luke and their father after he discovers her as his sister, spaceship fights with the Millennium Falcon. (haven’t worked out how Han is rescued without Luke, but I’m sure something would happen.)

Along the way things start to happen where bounty hunters who were often commissioned by the Empire are no longer needed and starting to live in oppression, the guild is reestablished and begins to fight the Empire.  They join up with the Rebel Alliance for the time being.  An enemy of my enemy is my friend.  Luke takes on the role as an assassin to hunt down and kill the Hunters and important Rebel figure heads. 

All the while, Vader and Luke are planning the overthrow of the Emperor.  Now tell me you don’t want to play that video game.