So, I needed a new toothbrush.
I got two…
Anakin/Vader’s lightsabers.
They also light up.
Be jealous.

Oh, and also, I got a new sweater :) sweater season is my favorite

Bought my first pokemon cards today


When I saw the full art card “I’ve Got a Golden Ticket” started playing in my head lol

So freaking excited! what a great first pack

That’s how my baby do!

Emily Darling: I wrote some Harry Potter / Salt 'n' Pepa fan fiction on Twitter


And I put it here before it is LOST FOREVER:

“Salt, Pepa: no. No, I can’t hear the music pumping hard like you wish I would. I will be thus unable to push it, real good or otherwise.”

is that a good first line for some harry potter fan fiction or WHAT

Harry James Potter…